Unesco merck africa research summit

The Unesco merck africa research summit is an annual conference that encourages and promotes innovation in the African Research space. It aims to create an international community of scientists who share their knowledge and expertise with others, as well as promote collaboration between academia, industry, and governments.

The annual Unesco merck africa research summit is organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in partnership with Merck and Unesco. The previous sessions have been held in Dakar (2016), Johannesburg (2015), Addis Ababa (2014), Nairobi (2013) and Khartoum (2012).

The 2018 Summit will be held from October 17 through October 19 in Nigeria.

The Unesco merck africa research summit was held in November 2018 where scientists from different disciplines discussed the way forward for global health.

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) and Merck established a research summit to showcase Africa’s biomedical research in the fields of health, global health, infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases.

Unesco is an international body that works to uphold the world’s cultural heritage. This year, they partnered with the pharmaceutical company Merck on a research summit that focused on drug-resistant diseases in Africa.

Unesco will also release data collected from the summit to help tackle Africa’s dual burden of communicable and noncommunicable diseases simultaneously.

The Unesco merck africa research summit was held in 2017 to address African issues that needed more attention. This summit discussed the ways in which we can benefit from scientific research to improve the lives of Africans.

The conference was a success and Unesco has been striving to spread awareness about the progress that has been made on African issues through conferences like these ever since it began. They use content marketing for this purpose.

The Unesco merck africa research summit’s success brought about an increase in interest in Africa as a whole, and increased opportunities for debate and conversations on African issues. This increased awareness of Africa has benefitted the company immensely.

The UN’s Unesco is hosting the Unesco Merck Africa Research Summit from September 4 – 7. The theme is “Education and Science for Africa: Meeting the Challenges of Globalization.”

The summit aims to provide a platform for stakeholders from various African countries as well as experts from various fields to convene and discuss how education can be improved in Africa.

The summit will bring together UN agencies, researchers, national governments, universities, and civil society organizations. The event promises to highlight opportunities and challenges facing education in developing countries like Africa.

The Unesco merck africa research summit is a global platform to discuss the challenges and opportunities impacting Africa.

The summit is taking place in end of January in Johannesburg, South Africa which is the first time it has been held outside of Europe or North America.

The Unesco merck africa research summit, which will be held on the 26-28 of May 2019 in Berlin, is a collaborative platform for African researchers and pharmaceutical companies.

Unesco is a United Nations organization that protects cultural and natural heritage around the world.

Merck is a major pharmaceutical company that produces life-saving drugs to market for diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis and malaria. Africa Research Summit is about bringing together the best practices from different African countries through discussions and presentations between international experts, pharmaceutical companies and top researchers to find ways to develop new treatment strategies.

The Unesco merck africa research summit will be held on January 27-30. This initiative is a partnership between Unesco and the pharmaceutical company Merck to meet the needs of researchers from Africa.

This initiative attempts to support innovative technological solutions that will make it easier to do research in Africa and improved access to drugs with affordable prices.

The Unesco merck africa research summit takes place from March 23rd to the 28th in germany. This summit will discuss how global health organizations and researchers can work together to solve challenges in African health.

The Unesco merck africa research summit is an event where organizations, NGOs and experts come together to discuss ways that African countries can combat challenges with their health services. Representatives from international organisations, institutions and universities will be taking part in the conference.