The Unesco Africa Research Summit is approaching

The UNESCO Africa Research Summit is quickly approaching, with the event taking place from April 12-15th in Nairobi, Kenya.

This advanced summit aims to connect African researchers, academic institutions, private research agents and intergovernmental organizations to collaborate on trends and initiatives that provide pathways for the continent’s sustainable development. Coordinated by UNESCO’s Regional Office for East Africa in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of Republic of Kenya, this meaningful event will cover featured topics such as Building Human capacities, Connecting Knowledge Partners, Mobilizing Evidence Base and Addressing the Grand Challenges facing Africa.

For four days, experts in the field of research and education will convene to discuss and share best practices, while tackling complex challenges facing the region. This is an important opportunity to bolster relations between representatives of African states and other international entities and it promises to bring much-needed updates and creativity to help shape the future of African research.

The organizers are confident that this summit will be a major platform enabling African countries to define their own strategies for research, leveraging knowledge sharing among partners whilst raising awareness among decision makers on the potential of quality research output and its socio-economic outcome. Invited experts are expected to present innovative solutions so participants can instantly apply proved success stories across various countries on the continent. There’s also emphasis being placed on improving competencies in research methods which, when properly implemented can help narrow development gaps as well as accelerate achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

Make sure not to miss this important event as it’s sure to bring great innovations for African sustainable development. Let’s wish all attendants a successful summit filled with lots of learning opportunities!

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will be hosting the Africa Research Summit this November. This prestigious event is the first of its kind and will bring together academia, policy-makers and leading research institutions to share ideas on research and innovation across Africa.

The summit will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, from November 15 to 17, 2021. It will provide an inclusive platform for African researchers, scholars, scientists and other stakeholders to address various challenges facing the continent and discuss pathways for development. The event will promote mechanisms for fostering effective collaboration between African countries and global institutions to establish new research partnerships.

Participants at the summit will have the opportunity to gain insight into new techniques and data analysis approaches as well as explore methods for using emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning for enhancing research capabilities in Africa. Other topics of discussion might include open access publishing initiatives, knowledge sharing and information management platforms.

The African Research Summit comes at an opportune time when the continent’s research landscape is undergoing significant changes due to rapidly advancing digital innovation. The event promises to serve as a significant platform for exploring potential solutions to existing and emerging societal problems while providing a space for discourse on research, development and innovation initiatives in Africa.